p typen type
bandgap (eV)
electron affinity (eV)
relative permittivity
intrinsic carrier density (1/cm^3)
dopant concentration (1/cm^3)
simulation parameters
width (nm)
dx (nm)
initial time step (arb)

bender bros: a reilly bros original
enter in your semiconductor parameters for your p and n type materials, or choose from the list of presets
click run to start the simulation. at t = 0 two neutral, doped semiconductors of equal length are brought together to make a junction. electrons (holes) are drawn across the junction into regions of low (high) chemical potential. the resulting polarization produces a potential gradient acting against the flow of charge. equilibrium is reached when the combined electro-chemical potential is equal through the junction.
if you lose patience you can increase the simulation speed. this can create instabilities which you can damp out by reducing the speed. once you have a decent potential gradient across the junction you should be able to crank up the speed.
press stop then run to start another simulation